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Digital Group Media help businesses that want to Grow & Stabilise Revenue by Attracting an Abundance of High Quality Inbound Enquiries on a Regular & Consistent Basis.  Find out how we can help you by requesting a FREE EXPERT REVIEW of your current website or marketing strategy.

Your success is our success

We work with Owners, Directors or Marketing Managers of established UK based SME’s that currently turn over at least £250k+ (or plan to in the not too distant future) and that need better results from their online presence.

We’ll only work with businesses that are ready and willing to move the needle. We deliver success by building Conversion Focused Websites that attract prospective customers and earn their trust through SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), PPC (Google Ads etc), Content Marketing, E-Mail MarketingSocial Media and other effective marketing channels.

In short here’s what we help you to achieve…

Inbound Marketing Strategy

What best describes you?

Web Design Services Birmingham

I’m interested in a new or improved website

Are you a new or established business that needs an improved website to ensure you make the best impression?

Web Design Services Birmingham

I need to generate leads & inbound enquiries

Without a regular stream of inbound enquiries or sales from qualified leads a business is vulnerable.

Web Design Services Birmingham

I want to rank high & get found

The best website in the world means little if people who are looking for what you do, can't find you

Web Design Services Birmingham

I want to sell products online

Online shopping is the new high street and you should take as much care of your eCommerce site as you would a bricks & mortar shop.

None of the above describe you exactly? No problem, whilst these describe the people we most commonly work we’ve delivered solutions for all sorts of businesses & individuals so click or press here to let us know how we can help you


UK Electrical Installations

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Sonic Solutions

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BLOCC Interiors

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Duomo UK

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C&D South West

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GainMore Solutions

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Our 8 Key Activity Areas

These are the 8 key activity areas that businesses depend on if they want to see growth or stable revenue through a regular flow of qualified inbound sales enquiries.  Each element has a bearing on the other and the importance of each element will vary from one business to another.  You may need to work on one, some, or all of these to unlock the results you deserve.

Branding & Logo Design Services

Branding & Identity

There's more to it than just having a nice logo, this is about how people perceive you and your offering. Does your brand reflect you properly?

Web Design Company Birmingham


This is the hub of all of your sales & marketing activity. It's the primary source of information for your prospects. Your website should be your best salesperson.

PPC Google Ads Agency Birmingham

Search Engine Marketing (SEO & PPC)

Are enough people finding your solution to their problem or need? If you're not on Page 1 of a relevant search query result you're missing out.

Content Marketing & Copywriting Services

Content Marketing

Don't underestimate how much time people will give to consuming content in order to make a buying decision.  Be authentic & helpful to their needs. Be the authority on what you do.

E-Mail Marketing

E-Mail Marketing

We all send & receive email, some more effectively than others but this low cost tool enables you to automate and scale the delivery of your value proposition to the right people at the right time.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media

Whatever your personal preferences are, most of your customers are using some combination of Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn & Twitter etc. Are you part of the conversation?

Conversion Tracking & Analytics

Insights & Analytics

You can't achieve real success unless you can measure it. Our tools enable you to clearly and simply see what does and doesn't work.  Only the informed can improve.

Lead Generation Services

Coaching & Consultancy

When only you can deliver a piece of work, we can provide the strategy & coaching needed whilst keeping you accountable.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Digital Group Media “win win” is a core value.

That’s why we’re one of the only web design & digital marketing agencies to offer a peace of mind cast-iron money-back guarantee on our work.

Quite simply if we don’t do what we all agree we’ll do. We will refund 100% of your money.

This satisfaction guarantee means that we can only work with customers that will be a great fit and truly benefit from the work that we do. We can’t work with everyone and anyone, only those invested in achieving success.

Why work with us?

Web Design Services Birmingham

Knowledge & Experience

We’ve been going for over 13 years (est 2008) and have experience working with a wide range of businesses, organisations and industries. We're not hobbyists chancing it on your dime. You will benefit from our hard earned experience & insight.

Web Design Services Birmingham

Easy to work with

We’re “people” people. Strategy, knowledge and experience counts for nothing if you can’t communicate or work openly and effectively which is something we pride ourselves in. We build strong friendly & transparent relationships with our clients.

Web Design Services Birmingham

Results Driven

We establish and measure the success of a project against mutually agreed metrics, whether it be an increase in visitors, a higher conversion rate, or an enhanced feeling towards your brand. Whatever they are, we think about it in everything that we do so that at the end of project we all know it’s a success.

Web Design Services Birmingham


We don’t say yes to every project that comes our way preferring only to work passionately and enthusiastically with people on projects where we can make a real tangible difference.

Web Design Services Birmingham

Great Value

We’re not the cheapest option, but few can deliver value or a return on investment like we can. Our clients find our honest and transparent approach to creating a project scope and quoting for a project refreshing.

Web Design Services Birmingham

We Never Stop Learning

Our ability to deliver results is our ability to make a living and we never stop investing our time and money into learning new skills and strategies that our clients can benefit from.

Web Design Services Birmingham

Processes & Systems

Over the years we’ve honed and refined our project management processes. The way in which we manage projects is unique to us and delivers the highest standard of work in the quickest possible way whilst keeping our clients informed every step of the way.

Web Design Services Birmingham


We take great pride in designing contemporary, user-friendly websites, that represent our clients in the best possible light but thinking creatively isn’t only limited to graphic design it’s something we apply to every discipline.

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The Directors' review isn't automated or software generated, it's us taking a direct and manual in-depth look at your position. We can either record our observations in a video which we'll send to you, or we can have a chat about it in real time with a recorded screen-share meeting. Whatever suits you best.  We'll identify any issues you have and of course any quick wins, low-hanging fruit and longer-term opportunities that can really move the needle for your business.

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