Digital Marketing Project Manager Vacancy £20,000 – £24,000 per year

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to do meaningful & impactful work with one of the UK’s most sought after and growing Website Development & Digital Marketing agencies.

We’re looking for an ambitious, switched-on self-starter that understands that marketing is the driver of all successful business and that everything else is subservient to it. 

Someone organised that pays attention to the small details and thrives off of creating success.  If that’s you, then you’ll love this role. 

You’ll be working predominantly remotely.  Your day to day will involve communicating with and delivering excellent work for our clients who are themselves switched-on, smart and ambitious entrepreneurs, business owners and managers.  This is done by taking the sole responsibility for ensuring that the small but powerful DGM team are allocating their time, skills and resources effectively, on-time and to a high standard.  You will be an outstandingly confident and personable communicator that is comfortable speaking to others in-person, on Zoom, over the phone or through email.

The right candidate will…

…be an excellent communicator

…be experienced in project management and digital marketing but still keen to learn about marketing in the real world (it’s not always the same as the stuff you might have been taught)

…be an A-player that loves taking responsibility, making decisions and performing at a high level

…be technically competent (you don’t need to be a coder or computer hacker but you need to be adept at using a computer and common software applications)

You’ll probably already know what makes for a good website, marketing copy or have some broad knowledge of how SEO and Google Ads work.  If you already know your way around WordPress, Divi, Google Analytics, LinkedIn etc that’s a great start too. 

We don’t expect you to know it all straight away, but we do want someone who is enthusiastic, credible and that can hit the ground running. Someone who asks the right questions and rapidly gains the knowledge to deliver work the DGM way.

We’re looking for someone that wants to grow with us,  someone eager to learn and make an impact, so your attitude and creativity are way more important than your experience to date but you’ll have some impressive stories to tell us that illustrate why we should invest in you – as opposed to all the other applicants who apply.


We’re looking for a full-time Digital Marketing Project Manager doing 30-40 hours per week.

You’ll have to be available for client and internal planning meetings which are generally held during UK office hours Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.  Outside of your commitments to any scheduled meetings, you can work whatever hours you choose, so long as the work gets done. 

You won’t routinely be expected to be available outside of usual office hours but we would expect some degree of flexibility (e.g. an early start or late finish) should it be required on occasion. This makes this an excellent position for anyone that values flexibility.  


Important: This is a remote role so there’s no commuting time or cost, but you are expected to have a distraction and noise-free place to work.  We do have a small office in the heart of Birmingham’s creative quarter at the Custard Factory which you may need to attend from time to time for team building or planning days.  You may also need to attend off-site training or visit clients in person.


£20,000 – £24,000pa (dependant on experience) + bonuses (dependent on performance)

Working for Digital Group Media

Whilst we’re a small and remote team, we’re not a naive, or “wet behind the ears” agency.  We’ve been running since 2008 and have been responsible for creating hundreds of websites and digital marketing campaigns for a growing group of great UK based customers that value our thorough, trustworthy and no BS approach to creating successful outcomes for them.  These outcomes include best-in-class websites, increased enquiries from better calibre customers, and sustained increases in revenue. 

You’ll be working closely with the company directors James & Danny which will give you access to some of the best knowledge, experience & expertise in digital marketing.

We treat our clients, colleagues and suppliers with a great deal of respect and whilst we take our work very seriously and expect a lot from one another, we are light hearted and keep perspective on what it is and isn’t important in life.

For the right person, this is the opportunity of a lifetime and it will shape your career and future trajectory forever as there is a genuine opportunity here to get world-class experience, help us to elevate our well-established agency and enjoy the benefits that will result in doing so.

Your first chance to show us what you’re made of will be how you respond and apply. If instant rejection is what you’re after then just send your CV. If not… please send an email to [email protected] along with a short video telling us exactly why you’d make our dream digital marketing project manager.