More than just web design

We help businesses and organisations just like yours communicate with their audience more effectively by using intelligent design, intuitive user-friendly software, smart marketing and dependable support.

Website design is less about looks and more about strategy, something we take seriously. We go a lot deeper than most in our discovery, utilising a ‘strategy first’ approach that allows you to attract and convert more of the right kind of visitors into enquiries and sales.

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“We were really impressed by their eye for graphics and their quick grasp of what was important to us for our online presence.  I would recommend DGM and gladly work with them again”

– Nicola Vaughan – Chief Operating Officer | Osprey Consulting Services Ltd

Some recent web design projects

Mobile and search engine friendly websites

More than 30% of internet usage now comes from smartphones and tablets which is why all of our websites are mobile responsive, altering their layouts to best fit the screen they’re being viewed on. You can’t afford to leave money on the table by alienating 1 in 3 visitors with a website that is difficult to use on mobile devices.

Search engine queries are responsible for 75% of all internet traffic. Our websites make it easy for search engines to reference and understand what it is that you do so that your prospects can find you.

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Why our clients love working with us…

Knowledge & Experience

We’ve been going since 2008 and have experience working with a wide range of businesses, organisations and industries each one having its own unique set of challenges and solutions, something our current and future clients all benefit from.

Easy to work with

We’re “people” people. Strategy, knowledge and experience counts for nothing if you can’t communicate or work openly and effectively which is something we pride ourselves in. We build strong relationships with our clients.

Results Driven

We establish and measure the success of a project against mutually agreed metrics, whether it be an increase in visitors, a higher conversion rate, or an enhanced feeling towards your brand. Whatever they are, we think about it in everything that we do so that at the end of project we know it’s a success.


We don’t say yes to every project that comes our way preferring only to work passionately and enthusiastically with people on projects where we can make a real tangible difference.

Great Value

We’re not the cheapest option, but few can deliver value or a return on investment like we can. Our clients find our honest and transparent approach to creating a project scope and quoting for a project refreshing.

Long-term Thinkers

Flexibility and ease of use is built in from the get go so that your website can cope with new content and features in the future at your convenience. We use an open source CMS (Content Management System) so that you’re not tied into an arcane proprietary system that will become dated or difficult to move away from in the future.

Impressive Project Management

Over the years we’ve honed and refined our project management processes.  The way in which we manage projects is unique to us and delivers the highest standard of work in the quickest possible way whilst keeping our clients informed every step of the way.


We take great pride in designing contemporary, user-friendly websites, that represent our clients in the best possible light but thinking creatively isn’t only limited to graphic design it’s something we apply to every discipline.

Would you like your business to look more credible online, effortlessly attract new customers, and lower the cost of customer acquisition? Here’s how we do it…

Web Design Discovery & Strategy

Discovery & Strategy

Through a process of meetings and conversations we’ll gather all the information we need to have the best possible understanding of your business and its goals. With this information we’ll reverse engineer a unique strategy that delivers results for your business

Web Design, Develop & Launch

Design, Develop & Launch

Our expert team will go through a fine tuned process that we’ve crafted over the years to collect and create content, gather ideas & inspiration, enabling us to design, build & launch something that you and your customers will love.

SEO, DGM Insights and Website Support

Promote, Monitor & Support

Using search engines, social media and E-Mail marketing we can attract new customers to your website. We can also monitor and analyse who they are, where they come from and how they’re using your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?
Each project is different but you could have your new website live in as little as 4 weeks. Once we know more about your requirements we’ll be able to give you an exact timeframe.
Can you update my existing website?
The short answer is yes, but this depends on what condition it’s in and if going down this route is likely to help you achieve your business objectives.  More often than not, we create something fresh but may use some of your existing content.
What ongoing costs are there?
There are no obligated ongoing costs.  Once the website is built, it’s 100% yours.  We do however recommend taking advantage of our Support & Maintenance package which comes with complimentary website hosting and gives you the peace of mind that your website software is up to date, everything is backed up and that you have quick access to our expertise.
Can you help with content creation?
Absolutely.  Usually the creation of content is one of the things business owners struggle to find the time to do, or need help with the most. We can provide copywriting, graphic design, branding, photography, and videos.
Can you help me get traffic?
We offer a range of services to generate traffic that include SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media management, and visitor tracking amongst others.  You can read more on our Digital Marketing page.
Where are you based?
Our office is based in the heart of Birmingham’s creative quarter at the Custard Factory, a short walk from the New Street’s Grand Central station.
Can we meet?
We’d love to.  You can come to our office, or we can come and visit you.  Let us know your availability and we’ll put it in the diary.

How to find us

Digital Group Media Ltd
305 The Greenhouse
The Custard Factory
Gibb Street
B9 4DP
Tel: 0121 224 7412

Digital Group Media

305 The Greenhouse The Custard Factory Gibb Street Birmingham B9 4DP Tel: 0121 224 7412
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